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With over 30 years experience, we have developed a systematic approach ensuring that each and every unit we receive goes through the same remanufacturing process, producing the best quality remanufactured alternators, starter motors and dynamos. See below for the generic process we adopt:

Stage 1 unit identification.

Units received are identified and logged into our quality system. Each unit has a unique tracking number allowing each unit to be easily identified and followed through from diagnostic to remanufacturing.

Stage 2 disassembly.

Units are disassembled into each component part. Each part is then thoroughly degreased and checked.

Stage 3 inspection.

Each part is then inspected fully and where appropriate, tested to establish their condition. All serviceable items are replaced in accordance with the original equipment manufacturers specification. In addition all worn and damaged parts are replaced. The unit casings are then carefully shot blasted to restore their original condition.

Stage 4 assembly.

The parts are transferred to our remanufacturing area where they are re-assembled to Original Equipment manufacturers specifications.

Stage 5 testing.

Following assembly the completed unit undergoes a complete functional test using DV testing equipment.

Stage 6 completion
The unit is identified with a unique barcode number and details of all operations performed and parts replaced are entered into our quality system for traceability. In the unlikely event of the unit developing problems in the future, we are able to review its complete history

Our quality system
Underpinning our remanufacturing process is a quality management system developed to the highest standards. Our quality processes, however, are not restricted to our manufacturing activities but cover the complete service we offer. Quality is key so rest assured, when you come to Sahibs, you will receive the best quality parts and service